Bailey Bell makes plans to hit home runs into her future


Bailey Bell will hit home runs into her future.

At a young age, many parents start their kids out in some type of sport. As time goes by, they either continue or decide that it simply isn’t something they want to pursue.

Bailey Bell, a senior at Trinity High School, will be attending Dominican College and plans to play Division II softball. At the age of six, Bell started out in slow pitch and then progressed to fastpitch three years later. In high school, she played on the varsity and junior varsity team freshman through senior year. She sometimes played center field, but majority of the time is in the corner outfield where she plans to play in college.

Bell received a total of 37 sports scholarships for her skill in this sport. While attending college, she plans to major in biology and then receive a degree in physical therapy. Another goal Bell hopes to achieve is through the sport that has been her favorite pastime.

“My goal is to help the college team and make it to the championships,” said Bell.

She has learned more than the rules of the game in her years of playing. Through softball, Bell has learned that it’s important to have the dedication to practice every day to get better. She also thinks it’s crucial to work with others.

“When you’re on a team they are your family, and you have to work together in order to defeat obstacles,” stated Bell.

The most fond memory Bell is going to have about high school includes her teammates and coaches, Coach Shawn and Coach Daloia. She is also going to miss her history teachers which include Mr. Poletti, Mr. Polansky and Mr. Dunn.

“The reason why I’m going to miss these three is because I wasn’t a good test taker and they pushed me and taught me how to enjoy their class. The people that pushed me to be who I need to be are what I’ll miss about high school,” replied Bell.

Her advice to underclassmen is that if you love a sport or want to do anything in life, never give up. She also recommends getting involved in a club, sport or even friend group to make lasting memories.

As senior year comes to its close, another journey opens for many seniors. Thankfully, for seniors like Bailey Bell, their journey can continue with their favorite sport close by.