Cailey Dahlquist qualifies for Junior Olympics


Dahlquist outside of the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Many of us have wasted away our summer days and winter nights, seeking out the thrill and satisfaction of watching our favorite events in the Olympic games. Teens and adults are hypnotized by the television, hooked on the idea of watching young athletes’ dreams come true. However, while some watch in awe, others are hard at work. This is the case for Trinity Senior, Cailey Dahlquist, who recently qualified for the Junior Olympics in Women’s Precision Air Rifle.

Dahlquist, known for her superior rifle skills, qualified with ease and proceeded to travel to Colorado Springs in pursuit of the Olympic Training Center. There, she was greeted by hundreds of fierce competitors ranging from ages seven to eighteen.

Dahlquist describes how she felt in her first moments at the training facility saying, “I was very excited for this match. While there was a certain level of nerves associated with this large of a match, I felt accomplished just by qualifying, and I had been really looking forward to attending every since I was little.“

After a couple of intense sessions of training and preparation, the time had come. The events were about to begin. Dahlquist carefully took her aim and truly gave it her best shot. Then, she anxiously watched the other contenders and waited for the final tallies. In the end, Dahlquist had some truly monumental scores.

Dahlquist, although having accomplished some impressive scores in her event, admits to not being pleased with the work she did.

Dahlquist sights into her target before taking a shot.

She comments on the subject saying, “While my trip did not result in my best scores, it resulted in a lot of great experiences. I learned a lot about handling high pressure atmospheres that I will need to become accustomed to before I shoot in college next year, and I also got experience shooting in high altitudes which was very challenging to get used too because the pressure of the high atmosphere increases your heart rate, which is not good for shooters since they need a very low heart rate in order to shoot precisely.”

Cailey Dahlquist will be attending Morehead State University in the fall and will be a participating member of their rifle team. Congratulations on the accomplishments made at the Junior Olympics, and good luck on future endeavors.