Ultimate Frisbee team flings into season

On the hill, Trinity offers a variety of clubs and sports for students to engage themselves in, and one of the Trinity’s newest additions to this list is the Ultimate Frisbee team. Starting only a few years ago, this was the team’s first major season!

This year, the only team captain is Sophomore Leo Wang, but he says that “next year, there will be more [captains].”

Because of the team’s unique modernity at Trinity, it has struggled for a few seasons. The team has to play against well-established ultimate frisbee teams from around the area that have been playing for many years. But this season, the team won their first games!

Wang said that these challenging games benefit the team and that they “let us play against other teams and see how good they are, what kind of strategies they use, and let us learn from them.”

According to Wang, the team began with knowing almost nothing about the sport, all except “how to throw with the wind.”

To add on to the challenges, the team has no coach, so the students organized everything themselves. The team knew that they needed serious practice to improve their game, and since Ultimate Frisbee has no pre-season, they began practicing at least twice a week to improve themselves.

From the beginning, it felt like the ultimate frisbee team had a long road ahead to becoming champions. Many people would have given up had they been driven by victory being their primary objective, but not this team.

Wang said that the team’s greatest strength was that “we all have fun playing on the field and know how to have fun and play serious to win the game.”

Despite their challenges, despite their novelty, and despite their competition, the team still manages to have fun, and isn’t that the sole reason to join a sport?

Wang said “Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport and all players have to play fair, self-referee the sport, and be a good sport to all players regardless of which team they are in. We play because we enjoy the sport and have fun on the field talking to the other team and just having a blast with everyone.”

Because this team enjoys the sport, they began to adapt to its boundaries and quarks, and at long last, they received their first victory.

“I’m so proud that we have gone a long way from our first game to winning a game,” Wang said.

If you’re interested in joining Ultimate Frisbee for next year, talk to Wang about signing up, the team is very welcoming to new players!

Just because the team is new at Trinity, doesn’t mean that the team will have to wait a few years until it picks itself up. All its players need are the dedication, vigor and love for the sport to propel themselves forward.