Abigail Shaffer plays her way through high school

For some students, they hear the word music and think of rap, country, rock or maybe pop. However, there are others who hear this term and think of something different.

Abigail Shaffer, a junior at Trinity, has found an interest in music. Though she isn’t a member of the school band, she is a member of the orchestra.  She has taught herself how to play the ukulele, guitar, violin and piano. The ways that she learned were through watching instructional videos on Youtube and by simply figuring out the instruments.

“The reason I chose to teach myself how to play the violin, ukulele, guitar and piano is because I am stubborn and like to do things myself,” said Shaffer.

Her first instrument was the violin, which she began playing in fourth grade. The second was the ukulele in eighth grade, followed by the guitar toward the end of that year.

“I got really serious about guitar at the end of my eighth-grade year,” stated Shaffer.

She just recently received a piano for her birthday. Her goal is to take lessons over the summer.

Shaffer finds that the ukulele is the easiest instrument to play because the chords are usually the same. The most difficult is the violin in her opinion, due to the fact that it’s already a difficult instrument to play in general.

“My personal preference is the violin, mainly because it was the first instrument that I started playing. It’s also one that I seem to learn more about,” said Shaffer.

Her interest in musical instruments has taught her discipline. It has also taught her that practicing really can make a difference in anything that’s done.

There are those who sing or dance when they hear music. There are some who simply find listening to it to be enough. However, for individuals like Abigail Shaffer, the love they find for music is being able to make and learn it.