Scheduling time begins again

Scheduling season at THS has begun again, with plenty of new choices and options. Every student received a scheduling sheet at the scheduling meeting held for their grade. Scheduling sheets will be due March 21, and students will then transfer their selections to the Skyward scheduling system. Teachers should sign off on students’ course selections and provide their recommendation. This can help students identify which courses will be the best fit for them.

New career pathways will be introduced and current career pathways will be expanded upon. Sports Medicine and Childcare will have new classes to accommodate students who are currently enrolled in the pathway. A hospitality and tourism management pathway will be added, as well as a veterinary assistant pathway. Both will have a partnership with California University of Pennsylvania.

Incoming freshman are encouraged to join a career pathway, which will take up all of their electives and fine arts credits, as students need over 1,300 hours in their pathway to become certified. Incoming freshman should talk to their guidance counselor if they are interested in enrolling in a pathway.

Upperclassmen interested in participating in a career pathway have the opportunity to earn some credit but will not receive certification.

Additionally, Mrs. Sirianni will be teaching a new cyber security course, and Mr. Coyle will offer his animation course for both semesters. Incoming freshmen will now be required to take a one-semester writing course as a graduation requirement, which should help prepare them for future high school writing courses and build their writing skills. This will be a new graduation requirement for the graduating class of 2023 and beyond.

Students interested in taking an elective should look at the student handbook to determine which electives best fit their interests. General electives for each department can be found under each department’s category in the student handbook. In a freshman class survey, 87% of this year’s freshman said they were taking their desired electives, so incoming freshman are encouraged to select any electives they might enjoy.

Mr. Lauver says he suggests students question “could this be a career” when choosing courses for next year. He also says there are “lots of options” for courses to try, and says students should use this to help determine likes.