Trinity’s girl lacrosse shoots into their season


Courtesy of Olympus

The girls lacrosse team, despite losing a lot of seniors, looks to make it to the playoffs this season.

The Trinity Girls Lacrosse team is back for their 2019 season this year, and they are very excited to get started. While the team has yet to decide their team captains, the team is coached by Coach Banky and Coach Walsh. The team is now preparing for their season to begin.

When it comes to the pre-season, seniors Erica and Jessica White said, “it all comes down to conditioning.”

However, some of the girls are expressing that it will be a much more challenging season this year.

Junior Gabriella Mauro said, “Well, we lost a lot of our [senior] starters from last year, so this year will be a regaining process, which will be more difficult, but I think we will have an average year.”

But as all sports teams know, there will also be the competition of other schools, and girls lacrosse is no exception. This year, the team is most concerned about Quaker and Bethel as their toughest competitors.

But even with all of these challenges and competitions, Mauro said, “We all get along very well, which is good for a team. Also, a lot of our forwards and mids have good skill and can shoot, so that’s a plus.”

With these strengths, and the group practicing between ten to twelve hours a week, the team is sure to make a quick comeback to get back up to the top.

While losing is upsetting for all members on the team, there can also be positives to losing. Losing helps a team better understand what it is that they to work on to improve their game. Still, nothing can beat the satisfaction everyone feels about winning a game, as it grants high morale and hope for the future for all players on the team.

If any girl is interested in joining girls lacrosse, many players on the team commented saying that it looks a lot harder than it is.

“Girls lacrosse isn’t very popular, but it’s a fun, competitive sport to be involved in and it’s never unwelcome to try something new, so come try it and see what you think,” said Mauro.

With enough practice and work, the girl’s lacrosse team is destined to do well this 2019 season! Be sure to go support the girl’s lacrosse team when their season begins!