Reflecting back to the past can be a good learning experience so you do not repeat the same mistakes.  However, I don’t intend to try to find life lessons from my past events. I intend to entertain you with the most embarrassing stories from my early years.  So, out of respect for the most boring month coming up, we will call this segment “Flashback February.”

Freshman year was my delinquent stage, and let me tell you, it was probably the worst year of my life.  My friend and I were always asking for trouble, and trouble always seemed to answer. The first story I am  going to tell you about was one of the first times were stranded in streets of Washington, PA. One time, I was over at a friend’s house and we became extremely bored. We then came up with the great idea to go sleep on our friend’s trampoline who was out of town.  After my friend’s mom dropped us off (we couldn’t drive yet because we were freshmen), we hauled all our sleeping stuff onto the trampoline and got ready for the cold November night. Sadly, the girl’s step-father was home; therefore, we left all our stuff on the trampoline and bolted for the streets. That night, we roamed around neighborhood after neighborhood until 3 a.m.

Another time we were somehow stranded in same neighborhood with no where to go once again. The same girl with the trampoline was out of town with her whole family this time. Knowing this information, we go to her house, put the garage combination in, spend the night in her house, and sleep in her brother’s bunk beds.

The final story I am going to tell you still scares me to this day. It was New Year’s Eve of the year 2015. We were over at a friend’s house to celebrate, but two girls and I soon wanted to find something more exciting to do. After walking on the streets for an hour, we had to random seniors pick us up and take us to a party that we were  supposedly invited to. When we got the party, they wouldn’t let us in the house so we had to huddle for warmth inside a car and eat frozen pizza that they generously provided for us. With no other choice, I called my Mom and she had to pick us up. After, I was grounded and forced to text my friends off of Facebook messenger.

So WWCD? Do nothing that Maddie Spencer did Freshman year.