Payton Janovich hikes her way through Trinity

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Payton Janovich hikes her way through Trinity

 “Our trip to the White Mountains was what some would consider last minute. My father and I decided to hike in the Whites two weeks before we left home. For us, this timeline was somewhat slow. Usually, my dad would call me on his way home from work, asking me if I wanted to do an overnight hike. I would have both his and my pack ready to go in less than an hour, but with this trip, I had time to dread. I dreaded being in the snow, I dreaded tent camping in zero degree temperatures, but most of all, I dreaded the unknown. I had never hiked in arctic conditions before,” said Payton Janovich in a journal entry.

 Janovich, a senior at Trinity, has found her niche in mountain climbing and hiking. She has participated in this for a total of thirteen years. Her dad is the person who inspires her and also goes with her when hiking.

 Janovich trains on the Laurel Highlands trail in Ohiopyle. She pushes herself through intense runs and P90x workout videos. Something else she does is maintain a strict diet.

 “My very first hike was at the age of six in the Smokey Mountains. At first, I wasn’t really into hiking but over the years I became more and more devoted,” responded Janovich.

 Some of the locations she has hiked include the Grand Canyon,

Smokey Mountains, White Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Janovich has also participated in a hiking challenge called the A100 on the North Country Trail in the Allegheny National Forest; this was her first time doing 25 miles nonstop and unsupported by an adult at the age of sixteen. The second time was at the age of seventeen with a hiking friend and her dad. They all completed 50 miles in 24 hours.

Janovich stops snowshoeing for a quick picture.

“It’s rewarding to see the skyline and to realize just how close you are to it. The view is always worth it to take in every noise and feeling. It’s amazing how much training and preparation goes into a moment like that. Hiking gives me a lot of time to think with myself. When you’re not surrounded by the business of society, there’s more time to devote to your own thoughts rather than the ones influenced by what’s going on around you. Hiking is as mentally challenging as it is physically. You learn how to deal with stress and your thoughts. I’ve found that hiking is my outlet to recharge from everything,” stated Janovich.

 Some students find that running back and forth on a field or court to score points is enough to make them happy. Others might find that there is something else out there that gives them that good feeling. Payton Janovich finds herself through hiking, something she has a passion for.

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