I have finally came to the realization that you can truly do anything you want in life.  I’m not going to go into full detail about free will because I’m not in the mood to bore my audience, but you truly do own your own fate.

This month I have decided that I want to play the piano after seeing a heartwarming Elton John Christmas commercial.  Usually, it is only the commercials with puppies that tug at my heartstrings, but this Elton John commercial really inspired me.  No, I do not have enough money to buy a cheap children’s keyboard at Target. No, I don’t even have the slightest bit of motivation to learn how to read music, let alone perform it.  But if I did practice for countless hours and put my mind to it, I could possibly be a decent musician.

I had another epiphany after Thanksgiving that I could be a competitive eater due to the amount of biscuits I ate in one sitting.  I have no knowledge whatsoever on how you get into competitive eating or how you prepare for events, but why couldn’t I be a professional eater?  I have watched enough Mukbangs and 10,000 calorie challenges on YouTube to be at least informed on the topic of overeating. It is not like these competitive eaters decided their career choice at age five and have been training their whole lives.  So…

You might think I’m crazy and writing a bunch of nonsense, but I promise you I have a valid point:  It’s that you never really know what you’re going to grow up to be or do in life until you take a swing at it.  We all go in different directions in life and all find our passions at different ages. You could be that piano player, professional eater, astronaut or singer. It doesn’t matter if you’re eight, 20 or 60 years old.  You can pick any point in your life to find something you love and be great at it.

So WWCD?  Go for your dreams!  If you fail, take it as a learning experience and use it to your advantage.  There is the old saying that if you fall seven times, stand up right. Anything you set your mind to is in your limit. You do control your fate!

Now, that I have officially found my gift as a motivational speaker, I might go and get that keyboard form Target.